Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation-bodied Bus 527 at Woden Interchange.

Between 1975 and 1981, ACTION purchased 151 MAN SL200 with bodies by three different builders: Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, Smithfield Bus and Coach Works and Custom Coaches.

The first bus, 410, was delivered in July 1975 and was the first bus in Australia to be built to the German VÖV bus design.

During the seven year span of the delivery of these vehicles, many features that are now considered standard were added, including integral retarder, roof hatches, cloth seat fabric and a flip-dot destination sign on Bus 558.

ZIB-558 with electronic destination sign at Woden Interchange

Other than Bus 442, which was written off in a collision in 1982, these buses were withdrawn from service between December 1991 and February 1995, being replaced in the fleet by Renault PR100.2 (Mk2) and PR100.3 vehicles.

Fleet information by year and body:

YearBodyFleet numbersTotal
1975Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation410 – 42415
1976Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation425 – 449, 451 – 500, 502 – 50377
1977Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation501, 504 – 509, 511 – 51512
1978Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation516 – 531, 553 – 56125
1979Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation562 – 5676
1980Smithfield569 – 5757
1981Smithfield576 – 5794
1981Custom Coaches580 – 5845

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