The Featured Bus for October 2013 is Bus 617 – a Mercedes-Benz O.305G articulated bus

Bus 617 was a Mercedes-Benz O.305G articulated bus with Ansair Tullamarine body, which was delivered to ACTION on 20 April 1983.

Bus 617 - Mercedes O.305G - Belconnen Depot
Bus 617 at Belconnen Depot

It was the last of five Mercedes-Benz articulated buses to be built for ACTION, but was the fourth in service because 616 was on loan as a demonstrator until 1984.

Unlike its predecessor in the ACTION fleet, the MAN SG192 (which has a trailer towed by a prime mover with the drive provided through the second axle of the prime mover), the Mercedes-Benz O.305G has its engine and drive axle in the trailer which acts as a ‘pusher’ to the front section of the bus. Claimed advantages are greater stability and comfort, lower floor height and reduced engine noise.

617 remained in service until October 1997, when it was sold to Cavanagh’s Bus Company, Kempsey.


  • Engine: Mercedes-Benz OM407h (type 407-919)
    • Swept Volume: 11.413 litres
    • Power: 177 kW (240 hp) @ 2200 rpm
  • Transmission: Mercedes-Benz W3D 080 /R three-speed automatic with Integral Retarder.
  • Wheelbase: 5.6m front to centre, 6.15m centre to rear
  • Length: 17.640m

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