Between May 1974 and January 1975, ACTION received 20 AEC Swift 3MP2R buses with body by Smithfield Bus and Coach Works of Sydney.

ZIB-331 at Woden Interchange

These buses would be the last batch of Swifts purchased by ACTION. A total of 101 Swifts were purchased with 14 bodied by Athol Hedges (1967-69), 30 by CVI (1970-71) and 37 by Freighter (1971-73). This represents the largest fleet of AEC Swifts (with the AH505 engine) outside of London.

The Smithfield-bodied AEC Swifts were allocated the following fleet numbers: 229, 232-225, 252-255, 326-336

These buses were withdrawn from service between 1982 and 1984, giving them the shortest working life of any class of bus ordered by the Canberra Bus Service.


  • Engine: AEC AH505
  • Swept Volume: 8.2 litres
  • Power: 111 kW (149 hp)
  • Transmission: Wilson SCG four-speed semi-automatic
  • Wheelbase: 5.64m
  • Length: 11.1m

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