AEC Renown Buses at Eastlake (Image: RATEC Collection)

On 19 July 1926, the Federal Capital Commission commenced the Canberra City Omnibus Service which operated various routes between Eastlake (Kingston) and Ainslie.

Four AEC Renown buses, with body by Syd Wood, were purchased to operate the service. These buses seated 29* passengers, with a separate driver’s compartment, and were powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine.

A fifth Renown was added to the fleet in December 1926.

The only known original registration number of these buses was C137. However in 1927, the five AEC Renowns were re-registered as CO1 to CO5.

In 1928/29, these vehicles were overhauled, including leather seat materials, new sliding windows and improved saloon lighting.

These buses were withdrawn from service in October 1936, having been replaced by diesel-powered AEC Regals.

* Note – seating capacity has been mentioned as either 26 or 29.

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