The Featured Bus for July/August 2019 is Bus 400 – a MAN A69 18.320

Bus 400 is a MAN A69 18.320 HOCL-NL/E5 with Custom Coaches “CB60 Evo II” body which was delivered to ACTION in late October 2009.

Bus 400 on Bradley Street

It was one of 10 new MAN diesel buses to enter service in November 2009, operating mostly on the Redex Route 727 which commenced on 16 November.

In November 2017, Bus 400 was wrapped in a rainbow-coloured livery for #WeAreCBR, joining Bus 379. In February 2018, it was further modifed by having its front and rear re-painted to match the blue Transport Canberra livery.

Bus 400 (without bike rack) was driven to Sydney to participate in the 2018 Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

The #WeAreCBR vinyl wrap was removed from Bus 400 in March 2020, but the modified Transport Canberra livery remains, making this bus the sole “green” livery bus to receive a new livery, but only on the front and rear.

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