The Featured Bus for February 2014 is the Irisbus Agora Line class

On 2nd February 2004, 20 Irisbus Agora Line buses (Buses 300-319) – with Custom Coaches “CB60” body – entered service with ACTION.

Bus 309 at Felstead Vista. 📷 Zac Mathes.

The Agora Lines were the first new buses in the ACTION fleet since the last Dennis Dart in February 1998 – a gap of six years.

They were originally built in 2002 and 2003 for King Bros Bus Group (Kempsey). Prior to entering service, ACTION modified the vehicles by replacing the pink-coloured stanchions with stainless steel and installing a luggage rack in place of the front seat. However, the single door configuration was not altered, making them the only full-length buses at ACTION without a rear door.

These buses were ACTION’s first Custom Coaches CB60 bodies and they also marked the commencement of the 2004 ACTION green, orange and white livery as well as being the first buses to be fully air-conditioned.

During their time at ACTION, these vehicles have had several alterations including the fitting of a bike rack, standardised CCTV equipment, changing the destination displays to Hanover LED, replacing the seat fabric and LED tail lights (for some of the class).

To date, two Agora Lines have been withdrawn from service – Bus 300 in 2015 and Bus 307 in 2021.

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