On 1 July 2020, an era came to close when Bus 116 – the last remaining ACTION Renault PR100.3 – was retired from service.

Bus 112 at Chapman Terminus with Sportworks DL2 bike rack fitted.

The PR100.3 was the successor to the Renault PR100.2. It featured the distinctive front cowl of the Renault R312 bus with the body built by Austral Denning of Brisbane. A total of 42 of these buses entered service between 1994 and 1996: the first six having PR100.2 running gear (with two of these originally running on natural gas before being converted to diesel). Seven were modified to enable wheelchairs to use the bus, however this capability was fully removed in 2007.

Bus 113 was a prototype wheelchair-accessible bus – when it entered service in August 1995 it was fitted with a Bode electric ramp, kneeling suspension, a modified seating layout and stepless entry.

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